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Arizona, the desert home of the Grand Canyon, is one of the largest and fastest growing states in the United States.

Health care industry is one of the major employment providing sectors in the state.

Banner health and Catholic health care services play a crucial role in the recruitment process of the medical graduates in the state.

Enactment of the Nurse Practice Act has opened the gates for many nursing programs and training schools.

The state’s nursing programs are one of the much recommended and awarding nursing programs in the whole nation.

What is the Arizona Board of Nursing and what is the role of the nursing board?

The main purpose of the Arizona Board of Nursing is to provide information about various training programs and education programs in the state.

Each state has its own Board of Nursing, which is responsible for the development and promotion of the healthcare industry and medical services.

Here are some of the important work responsibilities of the Arizona Board of Nursing:

  • Checking the status and performance of various nurse practitioners and nursing programs.
  • Licensing and certification checking to alert about imposters working in the state.
  • Assuring that the all the federal laws are being followed and standards are being maintained in nursing services.
  • Maintaining the application records, nurse aide registry, abuse record and other complaint records.
  • Investigation and Counseling of complaints registered against the medical associates and enforcing the laws for medical practice.
  • Providing the information and application forms on various issues and training programs.

Who are the members of the Alabama Board of Nursing?

The Alabama Board of Nursing has more than 50 members working in various departments such as Administration, CANDO, Complaints, Education, Fiscal Services, Hearing Department, Investigation, IT, Licensing, Mailroom, Monitoring, Records and Receptionists.

There are various board meetings held every year that are necessary to be attended by all Board members.

There are still two board meetings left this year.

Most of the decisions and rules regarding the promotion and development of the medical and health care industry are undertaken in these meeting sessions.

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Address: 4747 North 7th Street – Suite 200 Phoenix, AZ. 85014

Phone Number: 602-771-7800

Staff Members: 57

Some Members:

  • Joey Ridenour (Executive Director- RN, MN, FAAN)
  • Judy Bontrager (Associate Director- RN, MN)
  • Donna Wilson (Administrative Assistant to Executive Director)
  • Nikki Austin (Nurse Practice Consultants- RN, JD)
  • Cory Davitt (Information Department-IT)


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