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Washington D.C, Popularly known as Washington, “District”, is an independent and free federal US city.

Named after the former US President, George Washington, the capital city was constructed after the Residence Act was passed in mid-1790.

Washington is a marvelously well-planned city, which is the home to many amazing memoirs including the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

The population census has shown consistent fluctuations with increase and decreases in population at regular periods.

What is the DC Board of Nursing and what are the goals of the nursing board?

DC Board of Nursing is the administrative Board on all the nursing programs and nursing professionals working in the District of Columbia.

The board (hereafter, refers to as the DC Board of Nursing) is responsible for approval and denial of all the nursing services and training facilities in the city.

Nursing laws and regulations are mandated by the board of nursing.

Any health issues and practice complaints are also dealt by the board and the respective actions taken, are also a part of Board’s responsibilities.

The Board Consists of 11 elected members, which are appointed by the Mayor of DC in consultation with the city Council.

The working tenure is 4 years for each member.

The board also provides valuable information on various health and educative columns such as:

  • Licensing, Certification and Training programs
  • Certification examinations
  • Renewal of the Licenses of all professionals including the CNA, LPN, RN and APRN
  • Information on imposters working in the city.
  • Valuable knowledge of nursing laws and amendments made in laws and much more

Health Status – A Worrying Face of the DC Board of Nursing

The per capita spending on health issues in Washington DC is way higher than in any other US state.

The figure touches near to $8300 mark.

Though the majority of the population is health insured, the death rate and measure of illness have risen to alarming rates in the city.

Some of the major health issues in the federal city are AIDS, Venereal Diseases such as Syphilis, and Tuberculosis.

Remote medical facility centers and Mobile Health care centers have been established under the major plans by the DC Board of Nursing.

The board of Nursing reviews all the nursing programs and services at regular intervals for the betterment of the medical facility and plans.

Important Information about the DC Board of Nursing


Address: 899 North Capitol Street, NE, First Floor Washington, DC 20002

Board Members: 11 members

Phone Number: 877-672-2174

Fax: 202-724-5145

Some Members:

  • Karen Scipio (Executive Director- RN, MSN)
  • Bonita Jenkins (Nurse Specialist- EdD, RN, CNE)
  • Ramalakshmi Chilamkurthy (Health Licensing Assistant)
  • Van Braithwaite (Attorney Advisor)

Website: https://doh.dc.gov/lpn-application-package

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