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Hawaii, the Aloha State, is one of the most highly dense states with respect to the population density.

It was the last state to be admitted under the State union. The population census has shown consistent increase in its population.

The State government focuses a lot on the health care system and takes various steps to improve the health status of the state.

The economy of the Hawaiian Region is mostly driven by the tourism, whaling, sandalwood, sugarcane, pineapple and education industries.

The tax imposed in the state is higher relative to any other state as most of the services are provided by the central state government.

What is the Hawaii Board of Nursing and what are the various Board Divisions?

Hawaiian Board of Nursing is more popularly known as Professional and Vocational Licensing Division. The Board works under the Department of Consumer and Customer Affairs of the State of Hawaii.

The Board is the regulatory board, which is responsible for looking over the regulation of Hawaii Prepaid Health Act and other Nursing Laws in the state. All the nursing and medical professions in the Hawaii are licensed and certified by the PVL.

The board is responsible for maintaining the standards of service and safeguarding the public health in the state.

It is the only state that has been divided in to four different divisions, so that the services and nursing programs in the state can be improved.

The Board ensures convenient, efficient and practical processing of all the processes and procedures for implementing standard nursing practice in the state.

  • Licensing Branch – Holds the records of nursing professionals and applicants. It also maintains the licensing database. It also decides the ratification and slighting of the licenses and nursing programs in the State.
  • Examination branch – Reviews and standardizes the various certification examinations of the state. The Examination Issues and Results sections are also the liabilities of the Examination Branch.
  • Administration Branch – This branch specifically deals with the official working of the board and ensures the rules and regulations regarding the nursing programs in the state. Coordination and facilitation of the Board Meetings is also dealt by the Administration Branch.
  • Real Estate Branch – It is the division that deals with the real estate regulations and licensing in the Hawaii State. It works on the similar level of management as the Administration Branch and serves as Communication Bridge between the Real Estate Commission and the Director of the Hawaii State Board of Nursing.

Important Information about the Hawaii Board of Nursing


Address: King Kalakaua Building335 Merchant Street, 3rd Floor  Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact Number: 808-586-3000 (PHONE) 808-586-2689 (FAX)

Board Members: 9

Some Members:

  • Lee Ann Teshima (Executive Officer)
  • Matthew J. Bishop (Chair Person- MS, CRNA)
  • James S. Horban, Jr. (Public- MBA, BA)
  • Cecilia P. S. Mukai (Vice Chairperson- PhD, APRN)

Website: http://cca.hawaii.gov/pvl/boards/nursing/

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