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Idaho, the Gem State, is one of the highly mountainous states of the nation and is meagerly populated due to this reason.

The state has comparatively good health status to the overall health status of the nation.

The economy is driven by the agricultural industries, mining and tourism industry.

The science and technology sector has major contribution in the state’s economic sectors and generates more than 25% of the total revenue of the state.

What is the Idaho Board of Nursing and what are its basic responsibilities?

Idaho Board of Nursing is an associative member of the NCSBN council in the nation and is accounted responsible for any decisions or actions regarding the nursing profession in the state.

The Board is responsible for maintaining the standards of service and is the regulatory board that ensures the nursing laws and policies in the state.

The board is not only responsible for approval and denial of the nursing licenses, but it also maintains a service record of the working professionals in the state.

The Board maintains an abuse record and a certification record of each and every nursing applicant in the state.

The Board has several divisions that help in smooth operation of the processes and contribute in attaining the goal of the organization.

What has the Idaho State Board of Nursing done so far for the development of the Healthcare Industry and ensuring Public Interests in Idaho?

14% of the Idaho GDP comes from some manufacturing industries. Idaho State is the home to various long term and home health care facilities.

More than 22% of the overall population is categorized as aged in the state, which signifies a major rise in the percentage in last 10 years.

Health care industry is one of the top employers in the state with over 33% of the Idaho youth being recruited in some medical or health care profession.

Idaho State Board of Nursing has played a crucial role in development of the health sector.

The board ensures the quality and standard of service through its exclusive training and certification programs.

The Board reviews the performance of various professionals at regular intervals to achieve higher levels of service.

There are more than 3000 health care and social assistance establishments and facilities in the Idaho State.

The Board’s sole aim is to safeguard the public health issues and it also prioritizes public interests as its foremost responsibility.

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Address: 280 N 8th Street, Suite 210, Boise, Idaho 83720-0061
Board Members: 
9 members
Contact Number: 
208-334-3110 (Phone)
Some Members:

  • Susan Odom (PhD, RN)
  • Janine Baxter (MS, RN)
  • Whitney Hausske (Consumer Member)
  • Clay Saunders (RNA)


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