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Kansas is officially known as the Sunflower State but some of the locals also call the state as the Wheat State.

It is one of the largest states of the nation, but is not among the its most populous states.

The territory gained its statehood in early 1861 and was the 34th legislative state of the nation.

Kansas State has traveled a long way from being a mere part of the Louisiana trade to being one of the most stable and sound economic states of the nation.

The state is the oil depot of the nation ranking 8th in list of oil producing states of the nation.

The economy is mainly driven by the oil &gas production industries as well as aerospace manufacturing industries, which have established in the state.

The health care industry has also experienced a stagnant growth slope on its progress growth and the Kansas Board of Nursing is playing its role perfectly in development of the industry.

What is the Kansas Board of Nursing and who decides the roles and members of the nursing board?

Being a part of the NCSBN, Kansas Board of Nursing has everything to do with the development and maintaining the standards of the medical and healthcare facilities of the state.

The important and crucial decisions on the certification examinations and licensing of the nursing and medical professional in the state are also taken by the board.

The Board must maintain the quality and standard of service and training programs in the state.

The Board develops and imposes the rules, regulations and policies regarding all the nursing practice in the state.

The state board of nursing has to follow the guidelines set by the deferral council of nursing.

The US nation has been facing the problem of insufficiency of nurse assistance staff in majority of its medical facilities from a long time.

The Board of Nursing in Kansas not only assists in safety of the public health but also promotes the nursing and medical training programs in the state.

Kansas Board of Nursing and its role in Clinical Network across the state

Kansas State has one of the largest and highly developed medical and clinical services network in the nation.

From digitization of the medical records to establishment and commencement of the various nursing programs in the state, the Kansas State Board of Nursing has been an active participant.

The Board’s records and archives have helped a lot in understanding the weak points of the health care system and improving the standards of service.

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Address: Landon State Office Building, 900 S W Jackson Street- Suite 1051, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1230

Board Members: 11 members

Contact Number: 785-296-4929 (Phone) 785-296-3929 (FAX)

Some Members:

  • Serena Stutzman (President- MSN, RN, ARNP-BC)
  • Kimberley Hensley (Secretary- LPN)
  • Robert Harvey (Public Member)
  • Janet Jacobs (LPN)


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