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Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, was admitted to the US union in June 1792 and was the 15th territory to gain the American Statehood.

The State’s beauty lies in the wildlife part of the state, which makes it home to highest per capita number of Deer as well as Turkeys.

The famous amusements in the state include the well known horse racing events, bluegrass music, and college basketball along with automobile manufacturing.

The economy of the state is also driven much by the same industries.

Energy fuel Production and medical facilities are the other major contributors.

The Kentucky Board of Nursing is also not lagging behind when it comes to talks about medical and healthcare services of the state.

What is the Kentucky Board of Nursing and what are the responsibilities of the board?

Kentucky Board of Nursing is also a member of the NCSBN council of the US nation.

The Board is the administrative council, which regulates and enforces the nursing laws in the state.

KBN is aimed at standardization of the services and safeguarding the public health.

KBN takes care of the various nursing programs and professional, who are working in the state.

The board follows the strict rules and regulations specified by the federal council of nursing.

The KBN has also specified some goals and a mission statement that must be kept in mind by every professional medical and nurse assistance staff.

What are the various services provided by the Board and what is the basic goal of KBN?

The KBN is an integral part of the Kentucky Commonwealth and Health Department.

The Board promotes various health training and nursing programs to enhance the scope of medical services in the state.

The Board provides various services which can be listed as down under:

  • Certification of nursing professionals by taking an evaluation examination after completion of various training programs.
  • Licensing the eligible and deserving candidates.
  • Verification and renewal of licenses.
  • Providing information on application and license status of various applicants and nurse assistants.
  • The board also provides an abuse registry, which keeps a record of any complaint lodged against any professional related to nursing field. The Board is also responsible for taking the suitable course of actions on the complaint.

The Kentucky Board of Nursing values excellence of service, honesty and responsiveness towards work and your duties as well as understanding coordinating with other staffs for betterment of services.

The Board aspires to deliver on quality benchmarks and use the technology & services up to an optimum level.

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Address: 312 Whittington Pky Suite 300, Louisville, KY 40222

Board Members: 15 members

Contact Number: 502-429-3300 (Phone) 502-429-3311 (FAX)

Some Members:

  • Carol Komara (President- RN)
  • Gail I. Wise (Secretary- RN)
  • Anita F. Simmons (Citizen-at-Large)
  • Jamie D. Daniel (LPN)


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