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Maryland, more often known as the Chesapeake Bay State, has several nicknames associated with it.

The state is among the smallest states of the nation but on the other side, it is ranked among top 5 densely populated states of the nation at the same time.

Date, 28 April 1788, was entered in the US history records and archives as it witnessed the United State Constitution’s approval by the Maryland local government.

The economic status of the state is also highly rewarding for its citizens.

Maryland is the wealthiest state of the nation with major contribution from industries such as bio-research, aerospace and transport industry.

The Maryland state’s health care industry emerged as one of the most stable industries during the recession times in the US and all the credit goes to the Maryland Board of Nursing and State’s Health Department.

What is the Maryland Board of Nursing and the board objectives?

Maryland Board of Nursing is the administrative board concerned with taking all the decisions regarding promotion and development of health care facilities in the state.

The board’s mission is to deliver safe, high quality and advanced care in the state by implementing sound health services.

It takes care of the quality of the training programs and the standards of the certification examinations.

The certification exams must be capable of evaluating and testing the skills of applicants.

The board is responsible for taking care of the fact that only deserving candidates should pass through the test.

The license renewal and maintaining the abuse record are the other burdens that are laid on the board’s shoulders.

The Board implements various promotion and development programs during each calendar year to improve the health status of the state.

Who are the Board members of the Maryland Board of nursing?

The Board of nursing in Maryland is also responsible for spreading the health awareness among the people in the state.

Board members have crucial roles in each board activity and this is decided in board meetings.

The president of the board is selected by the Governor of the state himself.

Rest of the members may be selected by the Governor or by the state’s legislative assembly.

Each of the board members is appointed for a four year working tenure. You can be reappointed as a board member for only two consecutive sessions.

The Board Members are the nurse assistants, who have contributed significantly in development of the nursing field.

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Address: 4140 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, 21215-2254

Board Members: 12 members

Contact Number: 410-585-1900/90 (Phone) 415-358-3530 (FAX)

Some Members:

  • Nancy Adams (President- RN)
  • Patricia A. Noble (Executive Director- RN)
  • Sister Gloria Rubio (LPN)
  • John Bing (Advance Practice)


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