How Much Does It Cost to Become a Dog Groomer?

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There’s nothing quite as pure as the love of a pet.

So, it’s not far-fetched to imagine getting into a career that allows you to be around pets all the time.

Becoming a dog groomer is a way to be able to do that and enjoy a variety of breeds and personalities.

However, before getting started, it’s important to get a grasp of what it will take to become a dog groomer.

We’re going to break down some costs and help put this profession into perspective.

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How Much Do Schools Cost?

Depending on which path you take to becoming a groomer, the costs can vary quite a bit.

To start with, if you’re working at a major pet store chain where grooming is a service provided, typically training is an option.

Learn for Free

This is technically paid training where employees attend a grooming academy to build experience and cultivate expertise.

After supervised grooming on a number of animals, students become certified.

Finishing classes takes about a year and at graduation, students are gifted a free tool kit that’s worth a hefty sum.

If you choose to leave the job within two years after completing the course, it’s likely that will come with a charge from the grooming classes.

Otherwise, employees are essentially paid to learn.

Learn at an Independent School

If you just want to go to school on your own terms, there are options for that as well.

To start with, ABC Dog Grooming has a program that ranges from $4,000 up to over $6,000.

Other similar institutions have programs that go from $1,500 up to $8,000.

Program costs vary based on what’s offered.

For example, some programs come with a set of tools for you to keep and others have lab fees.

Each add-on can increase the cost of the course offered.

This is a certification type of career, as opposed to needing a degree.

That means you can get started quicker as a dog groomer than many other professions.

Licensing Costs

There are no licenses needed to start working as a dog groomer.

Before purchasing a logo for your new business, though, you might want to check your state or city’s requirements for independent groomers.

Some places do force individuals who groom dogs for a living to have a license.

Whether you plan to strike out on your own or work with a company, most clients will want to know their family member is in good hands.

What that means for your career aspirations is that, while you may not have a need to get a license, formal training is necessary.

There may be some places that are willing to overlook not having a certification if there is substantial experience instead.

Don’t count on that, though.

Is it Worth it to Become a Dog Groomer?

Essentially, this is a loaded question.

On the one hand, it’s important to consider your interest in the subject.

Are you a dog lover?

Are there any breeds that make you uncomfortable?

Would you be able to work in solitary conditions with mainly just the fur friends all day?

On the other hand, think about your physical well-being.

How capable would you be to work a very physically demanding job?

Investing in education and equipment is a great idea if you love dogs and can handle labor-intensive activities.

However, if this is more of a hobby with dogs you like on an occasional basis, this would probably not be the best fit.

Dog grooming is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme, so make sure you can handle it in a full-time capacity before jumping in head first.

It might behoove you to take a part-time bather or assistant position at a grooming establishment to test the waters, first.

Dog Grooming Wrap-Up

So, what have we learned about the costs of a career as a dog groomer?

Essentially, the money needed to invest in dog grooming can vary wildly, based on what direction you want to go.

If you want to learn on the job and are willing to dedicate three years to one place, you could come out with no student debt and be a skilled dog groomer.

Completion comes with a grooming kit, so that’s another way to save money in the long term.

If you’d rather devote your time specifically to a school of your choosing, it could cost upward of $8,000.

Some of these schools include a grooming kit.

Be sure to check out all the details of each program before choosing one.

There are no additional licensing fees to become a dog groomer, for the most part.

However, there may be a small fee if your city requires independent groomers to be registered.

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