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EMTs are in high demand all over the country right now.

They are the first responders who assist patients who have medical emergencies and are in need of immediate life-saving care until they can get to a medical treatment facility.

EMTs are essential everywhere, and those who want to begin a rewarding career in their field can complete their coursework online.

This option is ideal for those who work, have families, or have scheduling restrictions that make it challenging to attend in-person classes.

Consider the following information to find out of online EMT trailing courses is the right fit for your needs.

What Courses Are in an Oline EMT Program?

There are many portions of the training for an EMT that can be learned online.

Some classes that individuals must take to acquire the knowledge and skills to become an EMT successfully can include the following:

  • CPR
  • AED use
  • Ventilation for infants, children, and adults
  • EMS operations
  • Pharmacology intervention
  • Asthma and anaphylaxis training
  • Epinephrine auto-injector training
  • Primary assessments
  • C-collar training
  • Backboard techniques
  • CPR certification
  • AED certification
  • BLS certification

Depending on the school or training program, you may have additional modules and education requirements.

To find out in detail what each course requires, contact the admissions office for the school, and they can provide those essential requirements and details to help you decide if that program is right for your needs.

Can You Earn an EMT Certification Completely Online?

No courses available allow you to complete your EMT training entirely online.

Hands-on skills require mastery and exposure to the job conditions to prepare students to begin working adequately in their fields.

On-site practical training is required once the coursework is completed online.

To find out how long the training lasts, contact the school or local program that trains EMTs in person.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an EMT Certification Online?

On average, EMT certification classes take approximately six months to complete.

The length of time it takes in total can depend on how quickly a student learns the material and completes the required assignments with passing grades.

Once the coursework portion is completed online, the student must take the hands-on part of their training locally to ensure they prepare themselves for the job’s demands.

How Much Does an Oline EMT Certification Cost?

The top EMT online certification courses can cost anywhere from $700 to $1600, depending on the school and the location.

The best programs are more expensive but provide more details and benefits, including access to resources and assistance with studies and other assignments.

The best way to find out which program fits your duvet and educational requirements is to check with the admission program or ask an EMT for a recommendation for the coursework certification portion of the training.

Benefits of an EMT Online Training Program

There are many benefits associated with taking online EMT certification programs.

The coursework portion of the training is the only portion you can complete online.

Scheduling Limitation Solutions

This online study program is perfect for people who have a job, a family, or other issues that prevent them from taking local courses in-person.

Whether it is a transportation issue or a rigorous schedule, having an online training option can help prospective EMTs get the education they need to begin the in-person on-the-job training portion of their certificate.

For example, if you work during the day, you will want to have the option to do your coursework after you get home from work.

When you take the in-person courses, there is no flexibility for a busy schedule.

Self-Paced Assignments

The self-paced EMT certification courses online allow students to complete their training at their own pace.

Unlike a classroom environment, there is the chance to learn in a way that best suits the student.

This ensures they absorb the material thoroughly and commit the essential details to memory.

Some in-person classes tend to move rapidly when completing the coursework, which may not be ideal for all learning styles.


A classroom-style environment can sometimes be noisy and prevent some people from learning adequately.

If you take an online EMT certification course, you can focus on your learning without the other distractions.

This means you can complete your assignments much faster and with more precision.

Many people learn better on their own when they are alone and have a peaceful environment.

More Affordable

Many online EMT training courses are more affordable than campus-style or in-person classes.

The online option also allows the student to pick the school that matches their course requirements for any special certifications and shop around for a match for their budget.

Drawbacks of an EMT Online Training Program

While there are plenty of benefits associated with online training programs for EMTs, there are also some drawbacks to note before enrolling in a course.

Consider the following points of interest.


Those who take their EMT certification online require an extraordinary amount of self-discipline.

It would be best if you kept up with the assignments and set aside time daily to ensure you devote adequate time to learning the necessary skills to become an effective EMT.

The best course of action is to make a daily schedule and stick to it to ensure you do not miss any lessons or forget to turn in required assignments.

This online education portion may be the most difficult for those who learn better in person but cannot attend the classes due to obligations or transportation issues.

No Instructor

The online portion of EMT training is information-dense and may require some clarification or instruction from time to time.

When you do not have an instructor present at the time, it may take a while to get answers or support about issues.

There is usually an email or chat option, but it may not deliver the best results for some problems.

Finding Enough Time to Study

Many people enroll in online classes because they have time constraints that will not allow them to attend.

When you have a hectic schedule, finding time to study is even more challenging, even if it is online.

There are many times when class assignments and studying must be broken up into daily sections to fulfill work and family obligations.

These classes can make an already busy schedule even more challenging.

Benefits and Drawbacks of an EMT Online Training Program – Summary Table

Benefits of an EMT Online Training ProgramDrawbacks of an EMT Online Training Program
Scheduling Limitation SolutionsSelf-Discipline
Self-Paced AssignmentsNo Instructor
QuietFinding Enough Time to Study
More Affordable

Type of EMT Program Certification

There are three basic levels of EMT certification: Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic.

There are also the Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics.

Each level of the certificate has its own challenges and abilities.

To find out which one best suits your interests, consult with your school or do some research to find out where you feel you belong.

4 Self-Study Tips for EMT Online Training Programs

Some tips can help those who decide to take online EMT certification classes.

Consider the following information to help make the process easier and more productive.

Set Aside Daily Study Time

Be sure to study and do coursework every day.

If you do not set aside time in your daily schedule, you will fall behind and even forget some essential work that must be completed.

It is easy to get off track without a plan to stick to a learning schedule.

Try to find some time in the day when you can be alone to absorb the vast amounts of information you need to become an EMT.

If you cannot be alone, tell others you cannot be available during your study time.

This helps ensure you get your coursework completed within the six-month timeframe.

Find a Quiet Place to Work

In order to make the most effort, you need a quiet place to work and study your course materials.

Set aside a location free from noise and distractions while you complete your daily work.

Try to have someone to help with keeping children occupied if possible.

If you have kids in school, this is a great time to try to accomplish your studies.

Try to Set Realistic Goals

Ambition is good, but try to have realistic expectations for learning and achieving the insight and skills you need to become a certified EMT.

Go at a steady pace that seems comfortable without rushing yourself too much.

The goal is to get as much information as possible without experiencing burnout.

With some focus, determination, and a steady pace, you can finish your course and be prepared to take on the challenges of in-person training.


Individuals interested in becoming an EMT can easily enroll in an online certification class to fulfill the coursework requirements.

They must first fulfill the pre-requisites and ensure they have a stable connection to the internet in addition to a computer capable of handling the coursework requirements.

The average length of time it takes to complete the online EMT training is six months.

However, it may take longer with some online self-paced courses.

Be sure to dedicate time and space daily to learning all the information and details necessary to begin the in-person training portion of the certificate.

Additionally, it is crucial to have self-discipline and create a daily schedule to allow enough time to complete the course without missing assignments or falling behind.

Once the coursework portion is complete, you can sign up for the hands-on training with local EMTs.

The total length of time it takes to become certified is between 18 months and two years.

Individuals who fulfill the certification requirements can earn anywhere from $26,000 to as much as $50,000 per year.

Anyone interested in helping others when they need it most and creating a stable and lucrative career may want to learn more about taking online EMT certification courses.

They may make it possible to achieve the training necessary even if you have a busy work and homeliness schedule.

Take some time to explore all the options online to get the best education that fits within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the in-person part of the training for an EMT certificate last?

The in-person, hands-on training portion of EMT certification lasts between 120 and 150 hours.

This can be completed in as little as three weeks or as many as eight months.

The length of time is based on the student’s availability and the ability of local EMTs to take on a trainee.

To find out what the options are in your area, contact your local training program to get more details.

What is the average national salary of an EMT?

The average national salary of an EMT is between $26,000 to $40,000 per year.

However, many factors influence the pay rate of an EMT, including specialties, length of employment, and locations.

Some EMTs may make well over $50,000 per year in some areas.

What are the pre-requisites for becoming an EMT?

There are a few special pre-requisites that individuals must meet before enrolling in training classes to become certified EMTs.

First, they must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or a GED.

They must also pass a national background check and not have any felonies.

Additionally, they must meet the job’s physical demands by lifting individuals into the ambulance and other tasks.

Be sure to find out from your school or program if they have any additional pre-requisites that must be fulfilled before enrolling in their program.

You can find out by contacting the admissions office and a counselor can help you gather your information and qualifications.

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