Online Licensed Practical Nurse Training Programs

Those wishing to become part of the ever-growing medical field should consider becoming a licensed practical nurse through an online program.

Rather than attending traditional courses in person, individuals can get the education they need to begin working in this highly rewarding and in-demand field.

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from an online course and some pros and cons to consider before signing up for classes.

What Courses Are in an Oline Licensed Practical Nurse Training Program?

An LPN will usually need to take a wide range of science courses and several related to anatomy and physiology.

There are classes for medical terminology, the nursing process, patient care, and more.

Most classes focus on the skills needed to do the job correctly, while others focus on the human body and its many attributes and processes.

Some of these courses are advanced, and a few are introductory classes.

Can You Earn a Licensed Practical Nurse Certification Completely Online?

Although all the coursework for an LPN may be completed online, there is still a lot of hands-on training for the job that must be done in a clinical environment.

Once the individual has completed online courses, they are required to fulfill a certain number of clinical training hours to get their certificate.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Licensed Practical Nurse Certification Online?

The length of time it takes to complete the coursework for an LPN online depends on the educational institution and the student.

However, if a student completes their online education as a full-time student without retaking any classes, they can complete the online portion of their training in as little as one year.

Once they complete the online part, they will have to enroll in a clinical program to fulfill their education requirements to become certified.

How Much Does an Online Practical Nursing Program Certification Cost?

An online LPN program costs anywhere from approximately $1,000 to $1,500 per semester.

The total cost for the program is up to $3000 for the full length of the program.

However, the exact price of the program depends on the school, so it is best to compare each program and decide which options fit your budget.

Benefits of Online Licensed Practical Nursing Training Programs

There are many benefits for those who want to get their coursework portion of their LPN training accomplished online.

Consider the following highlights related to undertaking LPN training online.

Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule is one of the biggest benefits for those who want to complete their coursework portion of training online.

You can complete your assignments online at your own pace rather than commuting daily to attend traditional classes in person.

You can create a schedule that meets your daily time restrictions for work, family, or other pressing issues.


Individuals who study their LPN coursework online can shop for the most affordable school and still find a great educational opportunity.

Instead of signing up for the closest classes that need the learning requirements, students have many choices.

Additionally, it is much cheaper when students do not have to commute back and forth to their classes.


Those who work well online will love a program that allows them to pace their classes according to their learning style and schedule.

You can complete assignments when possible rather than keep up with the pace of the class.

This is a big bonus for those who have the time to focus solely on their training to complete this portion early.

Drawbacks of Online Licensed Practical Nursing Training Programs

While there are many benefits associated with taking online LPN classes, there are also a few notable drawbacks too.

Consider the following points of interest to help decide if online training classes are ideal for your needs.

No Instructor

One of the significant bonuses to having online classes is getting assistance or clarification from your instructor.

While some classes have an instructor available via email or chat, getting clarification or help with an issue is not as efficient.

Most students need help immediately with assignments, and online classes can take much longer to acquire insight from an instructor or knowledgeable individual.

No Classroom Setting

Some people thrive in a classroom setting, while others prefer the online option.

Those who prefer in-person classes can confer with other students and participate in classroom activities and enrichment opportunities.

You will not likely have the option to communicate directly with other students in the class or participate in different exercises to help with the learning process.


One of the biggest downsides for online students is that they must be self-disciplined to complete their assignments on time or even ahead of schedule.

The online course requires individuals to commit to completing the requested training and education assignments to ensure they learn the information they need on the job.

This is a significant reason why many students prefer to take in-person courses, because it forces them to learn and attend on a schedule, thus completing the assignments within a certain timeframe.

There is plenty of room to forget or miss deadlines in the online program, so determination and focus are critical to success.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Licensed Practical Nursing Training Programs – Summary Table

Benefits of Online Licensed Practical Nursing Training ProgramsDrawbacks of Online Licensed Practical Nursing Training Programs
Flexible ScheduleNo Instructor
EconomicalNo Classroom Setting

Types of Licensed Practical Nurse Certifications

There are many LPN certifications available for students today.

Here are a few of the most popular and in-demand right now:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Case Management
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Certified Clinical Research Associates
  • Wound Care Certification
  • Urology
  • Transplant Coordinator
  • Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist
  • Long Term Care
  • Pharmacology
  • IV Certification
  • Healthcare Quality
  • Gerontology
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Certified Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse
  • Certified Hospice and Palliative Licensed Nurse
  • Certified Hemodialysis Nurse
  • Certified Correctional Health Professional

To find out which certifications are available to students online, contact the school or educational institution to find out more details.

4 Self-Study Tips for Licensed Practical Nurse Online Students

There are a few essential skills and tips online LPN students should consider before signing up for an online program to complete their required coursework.

Consider the following information to help you stay on track.

Set Aside Study Time

Setting aside some time each day to ensure you get the proper amount of studying to learn the coursework effectively is essential.

A heavy amount of learning and memorization goes into becoming an LPN, so it is necessary to give yourself enough time to prepare and learn properly.

Have Daily Goals

Setting a daily goal is a way to help yourself properly towards success.

Goal setting is a great skill to master, and it can help you overcome the drawbacks of not attending an in-person class, even if you prefer to learn in a classroom setting but have restrictions due to schedule or location conflicts.

It helps to break down those goals into portions and check them off your list as you accomplish them each day.

Focus on Time Management

Focusing on your time management skills when attending online LPN classes is very helpful.

Create a schedule that works for your needs and try to stick to it.

You are more likely to accomplish your work goals and stay on track if you stick to a schedule that allows you enough time to complete your studies and turn in your required coursework assignments.

Do Not Put Off Assignments

One crucial factor regarding online schools is that you must stay on top of your work.

Do not put off doing your assignments instead of participating in free time activities or catching up on some rest.

Sticking to the schedule and focusing on your education to ensure you complete your coursework on time.

Once you get off track, it’s challenging to catch up and meet your necessary coursework in enough time to pass your classes.


Individuals who are interested in becoming licensed practical nurses have the option to sign up for online classes to complete their coursework.

These classes are intensive and require dedication and self-discipline for those who want to succeed.

These classes are perfect for those with jobs and a family to support and little free time to devote to an in-person class.

The online courses may be less expensive and provide the same comprehensive education as a traditional classroom setting with some focus and commitment to learning.

Once the coursework is completed, the student must enroll in their clinical training to complete their certificate.

Keep in mind that the online education opportunity is not an easier option and may have a few disadvantages when compared to in-person classes.

The entire process can take anywhere from 18 months to two years to complete.

Those who want to learn more about the online LPN program options in their area can contact their admissions office to get the details they need to make an informed choice.

Before entering a program, knowing what type of certificate you want to achieve and where your focus may lie is essential.

There is a high demand for skilled LPNs all over the country right now, and this is the time to enroll in a program and begin a rewarding career as a licensed practical nurse that helps others when they need it most.

To find out if an online LPN class is the right direction for your interests and goals, reach out to other LPNs in the area to get a better overview of the job and its requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average national pay for an LPN? 

The average national pay or salary for an LPN is approximately $24 per hour.

However, that pay rate can vary greatly depending on several key factors.

For example, those with specific certifications for treating patients in various settings can pay much higher hourly rates than those who provide essential services in a hospital or clinical setting.

The level of experience can also be a determining factor, as well as the location of the LPN’s job.

How long does it take to complete your LPN coursework and clinical training to become certified? 

The coursework portion of the online training can take as little as one year, depending on the circumstances involved.

The school and the dedication of the student are all determining factors.

However, those who finish their coursework online and then enroll in a clinical program in their area can earn their certification in 18 months to two years.

Once the clinical portion is completed, the individuals can begin their careers using the special certificates they applied for when entering the program.

What are the pre-requisites for entering an online licensed practical nurse training program? 

The individual signing up for the program must first have a GED or a high school diploma.

They must also be over 18 years of age to enroll.

The candidate must also have a clean background check with no felonies or significant infractions, which would disqualify the school.

Additionally, they must have internet access and a computer capable of handling the intense program requirements.

An LPN must also be physically capable of lifting over 50 pounds unassisted to ensure they can work with patients needing assistance.

Can an LPN get further training to become an RN after completing their certification? 

An LPN may decide to further their training later to become a registered nurse.

The course requirements are slightly different, and more clinical work is required along with completing the NCLEX exam.

The additional training and coursework to become an RN can take up to another semester or longer, depending on the circumstances.

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