How to Become a Medical Assistant in Utah

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According to Statistica, Utah was home to nearly 4,000 physicians as of 2021.

This is not taking into account the number of chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and other practitioners who may need a medical assistant.

Before you start your education, make sure to compare your options, though.

These are a couple of the reputable schools that offer medical assisting programs in Utah.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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5 Medical Assistant Schools in Utah

While numerous schools offer students the option of a medical assisting program, these are a few of your options.

1. Eagle Gate College

Eagle Gate College Logo

The medical assisting program at this particular school is a blended one, consisting of both online and in-person learning.

This makes it easier for people who need more flexibility.

It is a diploma program and takes as little as nine months for you to complete.

Once you finish the course, you will be able to take the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) test, offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

The program costs $4,496.

After you finish the diploma program, you will be prepared to play a pivotal role in patient care.

This course will prepare you to assist doctors and nurses during routine examinations and various procedures.

You will learn how to administer injections along with various medications.

Part of your training will include getting you to understand the prep necessary.

You will learn about wound care and how to take vitals.

2. Bridgerland Technical College

Bridgerland Technical College Logo

This particular course will teach you both the clerical and clinical ends of being a medical assistant.

For the clinical portion of the program, for example, you will learn about various minor medical procedures and examinations.

You will learn how to prepare patients for them.

Your training will also include medication administration, blood drawing, and performing EKGs.

In terms of the clinical portion, you learn how to handle the billing and insurance.

You will also learn how to schedule.

Your education will include both instructor-guided bookwork and lectures, along with hands-on instruction.

At the end of this program, you will be able to sit for the CMA exam.

The program consists of 1,200 hours of coursework over a 10-month span.

Each week, you will have 30 hours of instruction.

You can expect the program to cost around $2,930.

3. Davis Technical College

Davis Technical College Logo

If you enroll in this particular program, you will learn both clinical and clerical skills to assist in a physician or chiropractor’s office.

You will learn how to administer medications and injections to patients.

During your coursework, you will learn how to prepare patients for certain procedures and will even learn how to execute certain ones as well.

Throughout the clerical portion of your education, you will learn about the insurance and billing aspects of being a medical assistant.

The cost of this program will be about $4,200, and you will earn a diploma at the end of the course.

In total, the program takes 1,100 hours to complete and is a 15-month course that you will need to dedicate 18 hours per week to complete.

Fortunately, it has monthly start dates, so you do not have to wait long to begin your course.

4. Uintah Basin Technical College

Uintah Basin Technical College Logo

You may complete a medical assisting certificate program at Uintah Basin Technical College.

It prepares you to handle both the clerical and clinical aspects of working in the medical field as an assistant.

You will learn to take vitals, administer injections, sterilize equipment, and more.

Your education will also include training on how to complete the necessary paperwork and address the billing end.

This is a 940-hour program.

Upon competition, you will be able to sit for the CMA examination.

The cost of this program is $1,880 and will take 34 weeks to complete.

5. Dixie Technical College

Dixie Technical College Logo

The MA program at Dixie Technical College is a 52-week certificate course.

It has a 96-percent placement and costs $3,536.

Once you complete the program, you will be eligible for the CMA exam.

As a result, you will be able to work anywhere in the U.S.

Some of your education will include learning about pharmacology and anatomy.

You will learn how to calculate the dosage of medications and understand HIPAA.

Your education will include knowledge about completing medical history records.

While you are in the program, you will learn how to prepare a patient for different testing and will learn how to conduct the necessary testing, such as gathering samples.

Medical Assistant Schools in Utah – Summary Table

Top 5 Schools in Utah

School NameAddress
Eagle Gate College5588 S Green St Suite 150, Murray, UT 84123
Bridgerland Technical College1301 N 600 W, Logan, UT 84321
Davis Technical College550 E 300 S, Kaysville, UT 84037
Uintah Basin Technical College1100 E Lagoon St, Roosevelt, UT 84066
Dixie Technical College610 S Tech Ridge Dr, St. George, UT 84770

Medical Assistant Salary in UT

On average, a medical assistant in the U.S. earns a median salary of $37,914.

Typically, a medical assistant’s salary falls between $34,956 and $40,940 annually.

The average in UT is in that range, but the median salary varies based on your location.

For instance, in Salt Lake City, the median salary is $36,030In South Jordan, the median salary is $35,866.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of Medical Assistants in Utah

City NameSalary
Salt Lake City$36,030
West Jordan$35,899
St. George$38,161
* Salary information last updated 2024

Regional Salary in Utah

RegionEmployedAvg. Annual SalaryAvg. Hourly PayTop 10% Annual SalaryBottom 10% Annual Salary
Logan, UT-ID500$37,420$17.99$44,760$29,530
Ogden-Clearfield, UT1,930$37,940$18.24$45,560$29,800
Provo-Orem, UT1,940$36,940$17.76$44,650$28,920
St. George, UT730$36,290$17.45$42,590$28,220
Salt Lake City, UT3,540$39,790$19.13$47,400$30,720
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Medical Assistants, OCC Code 31-9092, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Minimum Education Requirements for an MA in UT?

An MA needs a minimum of a high school diploma and on-the-job experience but can earn a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree, which will make the individual more marketable to prospective employers.

Where in UT Can You Get a Job as an MA?

You may find a job at a hospital, doctor’s office, chiropractor’s office, outpatient care center, or insurance carrier.

What is the Job Outlook for MAs in UT?

Utah had 8,250 positions for medical assistants as of 2021, and this is expected to grow.

How Often Do You Renew Your CMA in UT?

You will need to renew it every five years.

How Often Do You Renew Your RMA in UT?

You will need to renew it every five years.

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