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If you have ever pictured yourself providing front-office support for doctors, patients, and insurance billing providers in a clinical setting, becoming a Registered Healthcare Information Technician could be the perfect career track for you!

Registered Health Information Technicians work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices to manage critical patient data and medical billing.

These allied healthcare professionals start their rewarding careers by completing a combination of Health Information Management education programs and on-the-job clinical experience.

RHIT Job Duties

  • Effectively Manage and Protect Patient Medical Records and Data
  • Collaborate with Licensed Medical Professionals and Insurance Professionals
  • Ensure Medical Records’ Accuracy and Compliance with Ethical and Legal Standards
  • Monitor Healthcare Trends and Accurately Report Data
  • Complete Local, State, and National Certification and Continuing Education Requirements

This guide provides a roadmap for students who want to start their RHIT careers online.

We describe some of the best online RHIT programs, costs, completion timeframes, and estimated costs.

Best Online Registered Health Information Management Technician Training Programs

Many of the programs listed below require prospective Health Information Management professionals to interact with the public and have access to personally identifying health data.

As such, students should be prepared to complete the minimum entry requirements for each program below.

They may also be required to successfully pass a criminal background check and complete a mandatory drug screen prior to admission.

Each program has its own entry requirements, application fees, and tuition costs.

It is essential for prospective RHIT techs to research and learn about the total cost of online programs and the educational requirements needed to complete each program before enrolling.

RHIT Certification Oriented Education

Students who successfully complete certification-oriented courses become eligible to sit for certification exams with the American Health Information Management Association – AHIMA and similar agencies that certify the skills and abilities of new technicians.

#1. Collin CollegeCollin College logo

About the Program

Collin College has an accredited Associate of Applied Science in Health Management Degree that readies its students to begin exciting careers in Health Information Management.

Their online RHIM program has no prerequisite entry requirements and only accepts 25 students per semester.

Their comprehensive training program teaches students how to protect medical records and patient data and to monitor healthcare trends.

RHIM graduates from Collin College work closely with licensed medical professionals in hospitals, medical clinics, and private practices.

They also protect and share critical personally identifying medical data with insurance companies and patients under a doctor’s care.

This 60-credit hour program has a hands-on clinical component required to be completed at a local healthcare facility to earn full credit for completion.

Courses Offered

  • Health Data Content and Structure
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information
  • Introduction to Database Access
  • Medical Coding
  • Health Information and Medical Records Technology

Contact Information

  • Address: 9700 Wade Boulevard, Frisco, Texas – 76035
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 972-548-6676
  • Program Costs: $62.00 – $187.00 per credit hour plus supplies and fees.

*This program offers financial aid and payment plans for qualified students.

#2. Sinclair Community CollegeSinclair Community College logo

About the Program

The Sinclair Community College online AAS in Healthcare Information Management accepts students who have recently completed high school as well as allied health professionals already working in the field into its online HIM program.

They designed their program to introduce students to the concepts needed to manage protected patient health data and to code medical diagnoses in computer systems and electronic health records.

Students who take full-time classes with Sinclair can complete their 62 credit hour requirements in about five semesters online.

This open-enrollment course provides students with foundational knowledge in required general education courses.

It introduces core courses and required onsite Professional Practice Experience as part of their graduation requirements.

Courses Offered

  • Specialized Computer Applications for Health Information Management
  • Medical Terminology
  • English Composition
  • Fundamentals of Disease Processes
  • Drug Classification for Coding
  • Introductory Medical Office Coding
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology

Contact Information

  • Address: 444 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio – 45402
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 937-512-2973
  • Program Costs: $136.03 – 339.40 per credit hour plus books, supplies and fees.

*This program offers a tuition payment plan, financial aid, and scholarships for qualified students.

#3. Sullivan UniversitySullivan University logo

About the Program

Sullivan University gives aspiring RHITs the opportunity to earn a Medical Coding Certificate or a Health Information Management Associates degree in a web-based format.

Students who enroll with Sullivan’s College of Allied Health can earn an HIM certificate in as little as nine months and an associate’s degree in around 18-24 months.

This program prepares its students to pass the American Health Information Management Association exam and work in local medical facilities.

It provides front-office support for licensed medical professionals, patients, and insurance companies.

Courses Offered

  • Medical Terminology
  • CPT Coding
  • College Algebra
  • Advanced Medical Coding
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • ICD-10 PCS Coding
  • Legal Aspects of Health Information

Contact Information

  • Address: 3101 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky – 40205
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 800-844-1354
  • Program Costs: $14,220 – $36,340.00

*This program has military discounts, veteran discounts, scholarships, and financial aid. It also accepts employee assistance programs for qualified students.

#4. University of Wisconsin – Green BayUniversity of Wisconsin - Green Bay logo

About the Program

University of Wisconsin’s Online Health Information Management and Technology Program has a web-based Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management program that equips its students with general education and health information management skills for them to pass national certification tests.

Online program graduates are prepared to begin entry-level careers as HIM technicians, Coding Specialists, Research Billing Analysts, and similar roles within America’s healthcare system.

UW has designed its online program for students to access almost any internet-connected device, making it easier for them to engage with course materials, instructors, and classroom forums online.

This accredited program provides a pathway for students to earn certification credentials and to begin working as credentialed Allied Health professionals immediately.

Courses Offered

  • Digital Literacy in Healthcare
  • Terminology and Body Systems
  • Healthcare Billing, Coding, and Reimbursement
  • Ethical Issues, Security, Management, and Compliance
  • Healthcare Information and Technology Standards
  • Programming for HIMT professionals

Contact Information

  • Address: 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, Wisconsin – 54311
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 920-465-2000
  • Program Costs: $8,342.00 – $11,633.00

#5. Illinois State UniversityIllinois State University

About the Program

The Department of Health Sciences at Illinois State University has a 100% online Health Informatics and Management Registered Health Information Management program that trains students how to become Registered Health Information Technicians working in America’s rapidly growing healthcare systems.

Their continuing education program is designed to help RHIA-certified students prepare for the next level of their careers.

They train students on the latest technology, legal requirements, data protection strategies, leadership skills, and financial management strategies needed to function successfully in a variety of healthcare environments.

Students who take I-State’s web-based HIM program are prepared to enter management-level positions upon successful completion.

Courses Offered

  • Medical Terminology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Mind-Body Health
  • Introduction to Health Information Management
  • Introduction to Medical Coding for Reimbursement and Utilization Management
  • Foundations of Health Education
  • Community Public Health
  • Health Information Management – Clinical Internship

Contact Information

  • Address: Normal, Illinois – 61790
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 309-438-2181
  • Program Costs: $ 111.01 per credit hour plus program costs and fees.

*I-State has tuition discounts and financial aid for income-qualified students.

#6. Western Governors University – OnlineWestern Governors University - Online logo

About the Program

The Leavitt School of Health at WGU presents its accredited Health Information Technology entirely online.

Students who complete their online program earn a Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management and take the RHIA exam.

WGU’s online HIM degree program consists of 36 courses and takes most students between two and a half to four years to complete.

Core coursework in this web-based program teaches students the practical, legal, and ethical components of Healthcare Information Management and its required technology.

Their program has a free application fee and offers several options to help student offset the costs of their online HIM education.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Communication – Connection with Others
  • Medical Terminology
  • Healthcare Systems Application
  • Introduction to Pharmacology
  • Introduction to Medical Coding
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Healthcare Reimbursement
  • Healthcare Ecosystems
  • Applied Healthcare Statistics

Contact Information

  • Address: 4001 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, Utah – 84107
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 866-255-5948
  • Program Costs: $4,085.00

*This program offers financial aid and scholarships for income-qualified students.

#7. The University of CincinnatiThe University of Cincinnati logo

About the Program

UC’s Bachelor of Health Information is an online program with a fast track that allows full-time students to complete its online HIM program within two years.

Their 52-credit hour accredited program is entirely web-based.

It equips students with the knowledge required to pass the national RHIA exam.

UC students learn the fundamental skills needed to function in a variety of Healthcare Information Management roles in hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities across the country.

Program graduates learn about the technological, legal, and ethical requirements needed to work as HIM professionals.

They offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid for students who qualify.

Courses Offered

  • General Education Coursework
  • Health Data Management
  • Issues in Legal Aspects and Healthcare Delivery
  • Health Information Systems
  • Healthcare Statistics and Research Methods
  • Financial Management in Healthcare
  • Organizational Management and Leadership in Healthcare
  • Project Management

Contact Information

  • Address: Cleveland, Ohio – 44193
  • Website: Link
  • Phone: 513 – 556-0000
  • Program Costs: $4,999.00 plus program costs and related fees.

*UC has military benefits, financial aid, and scholarship options available.

What Courses Are in an Online RHIT Program?

Courses in an online Registered Health Information Technology program are designed to equip students with the skills required to work as entry-level through management-level HIM technicians.

While the actual course names for programs and classes differ by institution, the following are examples of courses typically found in these programs.

  1. Introduction to Health Information Management
  2. Human Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Applied Healthcare Statistics and Research Methods
  4. Healthcare Reimbursement
  5. Medical Terminology
  6. Health Data Management
  7. Health Information and Medical Records Technology
  8. Healthcare Systems Application
  9. Introduction to Medical Coding
  10. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information

Can You Earn RHIT Certification Completely Online?

Most students who earn RHIT certification take the bulk of their coursework in a web-based format and then complete the required clinical components in person.

Students who want to earn RHIA certification and similar state or national RHIT certifications will likely be required to complete a hands-on clinical component of HIM programs before becoming eligible to take certification exams.

Talk to your program director to learn more about how to finish your HIM certification entirely online and find out about in-person clinical experience options before committing to a new HIM program.

How Long Does it Take to Earn RHIT Certification Online?

The RHIT training programs above are designed for most full-time and part-time students to complete their education online within two to four years.

Some online RHIT programs offer a fast track, accept transfer credits for courses completed at other accredited institutions, and offer students credits for real-life experience in the field.

Most online RHIT programs are self-paced, meaning that completion time depends on the student.

How Much Does an Online RHIT Certification Cost?

The costs for online RHIT certification can vary depending on your chosen educational institution, program lengths, and financial aid.

Students who opt to earn their certification online should be prepared for tuition and fees that range from around two thousand to over thirty thousand dollars.

Contact the program director or financial aid office from your program of choice to learn more about how to offset the costs of your online RHIT education.

Many programs offer scholarships, reduced tuition, and discounts for the military and alums.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the role, job duties, and education requirements needed for success in the field, are you ready to take the next steps and contact your favorite program?

Most online RHIT programs accept student admissions from around the country meaning you can apply from almost any state.

If you’re serious about online RHIT education and entering the field as an entry-level or management-level RHIT professional – contact one of the program directors above to learn more about the entry requirements, criminal background checks, personal clinical experience requirements for national certification, and financial aid options for income-qualified students pursuing an RHIT certificate, bachelors, or associates degree online.

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