Why Study Respiratory Therapy?

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As you are reading this, you probably want to find a great job in healthcare, after a short period of education which will bring you a decent and stable salary, and we have to tell you that Respiratory therapy may be the perfect role for you.

Having in mind the fact that the number of Respiratory Therapist (RT) job positions are expected to increase 19 percent in the years to come, it is believed that this field is full of opportunity and benefits.

Besides this very significant reason, there are many other answers to the question ‘Why study respiratory therapy?’ and we are here to offer them all.

Helping Others is Important to You

In case you are a person who likes helping people in need, you may find this career personally rewarding.

Respiratory Therapists’ main concern is patients who have trouble breathing and these patients actually depend on these people’s work which has to be done right.

These professionals are taught and trained to diagnose, assess, and treat patients suffering from lung conditions or other ailments, and they are of great value to society.

You Can Work with All Types of Patients

This career is ideal for people who are not fond of a standard desk job.

Respiratory Therapists’ job is never boring, as they work with a variety of people and they feel excitement each day.

No two patients are exactly the same, and they need to work with a diversity of populations and know how to deal with each of them.

Respiratory Therapists can be found working with adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients who have various kinds of diseases such as emphysema or cardio-pulmonary disorders.

Jobs are In-Demand

As we have already mentioned, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, it is expected that the employment of Respiratory Therapists nationwide is going to be on the rise and it has been reported that Respiratory Therapist is among the fastest-growing occupations in The demand is so high due to the aging population.

The increase in respiratory conditions among this aging population will also lead to an increased demand for respiratory therapy services.

Furthermore, the constant advancements in modern medicine, novel prevention, and detection methods, and improved medications all add to the demand for RTs.

High Earning Potential

It is true that all you need to find a job is an associate degree, but you need to have in mind that most employers will pay low salaries for this educational level.

In the whole USA, the average Respiratory Therapist’s salary is $61,330 while in Connecticut, Respiratory Therapists earn an annual pay of $71,052.

An Exciting Work Environment

A variety of patients per day is not the only excitement that Respiratory Therapists experience.

They can find jobs in exciting workplace options such as acute care hospitals, home care settings, and rehabilitation and long-term care facilities.

Upon graduation, you can expect to work full time, but this will also depend on the place where you find a job.

There are medical facilities and hospitals that are open 24/7 so you may need to work at various hours of the day, night, and on the weekends, as well.

Another thing you need to have in mind that that you will be on your feet for much of the shift and that your main task will be to collaborate and work closely with registered nurses, doctors, and surgeons.

What makes this career rewarding is the fact that Respiratory Therapists are a critical part of the healthcare system.

This means that people’s lives will depend on the right decision of these professionals, and they will always have to face a challenge.

So, it is important that you are always ready to grow as a professional, and learn new things in order to stay in touch with the latest developments and advancements in this field.

If all these reasons make sense to you, now is the perfect timing to get the required education, skills, and training towards becoming a respiratory therapist.

You can take a look at Goodwin University’s respiratory therapist’s programs which can prepare you for this role, while at the same time, offers flexibility.

This is especially significant for working professionals who want to advance their knowledge and skills, as respiratory therapy classes are offered at night, on-campus, and in a standard 15-week format.

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