The Top 10 Most Asked Questions in Medical Job Interviews

The Allied Health professions offer lucrative and rewarding careers, with strong projected job growth over the next decade.

A number of opportunities in the healthcare industry only require a relatively minor amount of education and experience.

In order to move into one of those coveted entry-level jobs in these professions, you have to know how to handle the interview process.

The interview process is much more intensive than those in retail and entry-level jobs, so it’s important to be extremely prepared – even for entry-level interviews.

The following are 10 of the most commonly asked questions in entry-level medical job interviews; if you’re familiar with these answers you just might get that dream job you’ve been working towards.

1. What are your weaknesses?

This is a tough question since you have to admit some sort of negative quality in order to proceed onward. Don’t fall into the trap of stating a positive quality as weakness i.e. “I work too hard”. The best way to handle this question is to state a weakness that isn’t especially critical and then discuss how you are working to improve upon it.

2. Why should we hire you?

Summarize the experience you have had in the past and all the positive abilities you bring to the table. Where have you worked? What education do you have? What kind of attitude do you have and how responsible are you? Let them know and summarize what traits make you a great candidate for the job. This is also a great question to show off the company research you did (should have done!) prior to the interview.

3. Why do you want to work here?

Explain why working for their company is important to you and why you chose to apply there. Be honest but make sure to flatter their practices and mention ways in which you would be a great fit.

4. What are your goals?

Talk about both short term and long term goals. Short term as in the job and what you’ll do with the initial experience; long term such as time with the company, family, and other things.

5. Why did you leave your job?

If unemployed, play it off as much as possible by mentioning downsizing, etc. If you are leaving a job say you are looking for a place that is more rewarding and team-oriented.

6. When were you the most satisfied in past positions?

You need to share some sort of project or experience where you were truly satisfied. This should represent your work ethic and make you look reliable.

7. What can you do for us that other candidates won’t be able to?

This is where you should list off your years of experience, on the job training, and any other positive traits. These can range from things like customer service to education.

8. What positive things would your last boss say about you?

More positive quotes about yourself! Think back to technical skills, service skills, or other things that your boss has relied on you for. You can even list personality traits so long as they have been touted.

9. What kind of pay are you looking for?

If your employer gives you a list of pay rates that are in your field then you are in luck. Usually, they’ll hope you have low expectations and then they can just meet those. This is why it is important for you to go in with an idea of how much you’d like to, or need to get paid.

10. What animal would you like to be?

This is a situational question and it is really about how you want to be perceived. A rabbit will make you seem passive, a tiger will make you seem aggressive and a bird might say something about your assertiveness. Make sure to choose an animal that is cohesive with how you want to be perceived.

Beyond knowing the answers to the questions above go into your interview cool, calm, and collected and at the same time sell yourself.

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