Part-Time Online Healthcare MBA Programs

It’s well-known that healthcare is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the US.

Healthcare is the biggest employer in the States.

In 2018, healthcare took over manufacturing and retail as the industry that hired the most Americans.

It’s not surprising given that the largest generation in America (the Baby Boomers) is aging and requiring more care.

Jobs in healthcare are also some of the highest paying in the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 2.4 million jobs in healthcare will be added to the economy through 2028.

Another benefit of working in healthcare is that you don’t have to relocate to find employment as most communities have healthcare institutions nearby.

Besides helping people with medical care, healthcare also needs experienced and qualified business employees to manage daily operations and strategic planning.

This involves short-term and long-term needs around administration, finance, workflow planning, human resources, organizational development, and more.

Through an efficient and streamlined organization, healthcare professionals can do what they do best – treat people.

An MBA in healthcare is a great move for those who are already employed in healthcare and those who are interested in getting started.

Most MBA programs in healthcare require candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree and have 3-5 years of experience.

They may also need to complete particular business prerequisite courses before they start their coursework.

They may also need competitive scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

Whether you are looking into changing the career or advancing it, there are many online MBA programs you can choose from.

They are designed to be mostly or fully online and may take 12 to 18 months to complete, as a minimum.

Online MBA programs in healthcare are designed with the consideration of parents and working professionals.

They are a great fit for those who can take only one or two classes at a time.

Many of the programs listed on this page are available to those who don’t have any experience in healthcare.

In part-time online MBA programs in healthcare, various web-based tools, such as Blackboard and Canvas, are used to provide content.

There are also discussion forums for interaction between students and professors.

Some programs also use instant messaging or video chat platforms as well as online message boards.

Some programs are hybrid meaning that students have to meet on-campus for a particular number of days during the program.

Programs vary by school, but most of them include a hands-on research project where students can apply the knowledge they gained to a real-world care study.

Part-Time Healthcare MBA Degree Programs

Utica College – Online MBA with a Specialization in Healthcare Management

Utica College provides an affordable and fully-online MBA program in healthcare management with an emphasis on real-life experience through a dynamic and rigorous curriculum.

The program has three start dates throughout the year in January, May, and August.

It can be completed within two years or less.

GMAT scores aren’t required, but students have to take a pre-assessment that evaluates their business knowledge.

Students with no experience in healthcare or business will find this program a good fit to complete a series of self-study modules that cover areas where they need support.

The program also covers a range of foundational business courses that emphasize key business concepts.

The program includes 30 credits, 15 of which of core business courses, 12, of specializations, and three credits of capstone courses.

Specialization options include healthcare legal and ethical issues, organizational development and change, leadership in marketing and strategic planning, quality management and performance, and health informatics.

Core and capstone courses include 1.5 credits each and take eight weeks.

Specialized electives include three credits each and last for one full term.

At the end of the program, students complete two capstone courses, which gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real-life case study.

Coursework covers data-driven decision-making, financial fluency, markets and logistics, principles of leadership, and more.

The admission requirements include a 2.7 or higher GPA in a bachelor’s degree and two years of work experience.

  • Location: Utica, New York.
  • Program length: Two years, part-time.
  • Tuition: $19,500 total.
  • Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Northeastern University – Online MBA with a Concentration in Healthcare Management

Northeastern University offers a fully online MBA program with an innovative degree in healthcare management for those who are looking for flexibility while developing their professional skills.

Students can apply to this program throughout the year on nine different start dates.

The program includes 50 credits.

The degree features a low student-to-faculty ratio.

Classes are interactive and commonly comprise 20 students.

The topics covered in the coursework include global competition and market dominance, value creation through financial decision-making, strategic decision-making in a changing environment, enterprise growth and innovation, managing ethics in the workplace and marketplace.

The concentration has classes in health informatics, healthcare finance, and strategic decision-making.

Students need to have a bachelor’s degree and 5+ years of experience to be admitted to the program.

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Program length: Two years, part-time.
  • Tuition: $80,000 total.
  • Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Ohio University – Online MBA in Healthcare

Ohio University has a flexible MBA in healthcare for professionals who need to balance their work and study.

This is an almost fully-online program.

It includes one on-campus Leadership Development Program, which lasts for two days on the campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

The program is six semesters long and includes 35 credits.

The semesters are broken into two periods by seven weeks.

Students take one course every seven weeks which gives them a chance to study coursework deeply and engage in rich discussions with their classmates.

Coursework covers the introduction to the healthcare delivery system in the US, healthcare finance, and law.

Admission includes completion of a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or more and two or more years of work experience.

GMAT isn’t required.

  • Location: Athens, Ohio.
  • Program length: Two-years, part-time.
  • Tuition: $36,645 total.
  • Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

George Washington University – Online Healthcare MBA

George Washington University offers a 55.5-credit online healthcare MBA program that can be completed in two to five years.

Students can balance work and study to pursue a career in healthcare.

Admission is open three times a year.

Additionally, this program is fully online and offers graduate certificates in seven areas such as integrative medicine or regulatory affairs.

The program covers business ethics and public policy, clinical research, operations management, patient safety, regulatory strategy in the development of drugs and biologics.

For admission, students need a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of three years of healthcare experience, and competitive GMAT scores.

  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Program length: Two to five years, depending on pace.
  • Tuition: $104,895 total.
  • Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

University of Scranton – Online MBA in Healthcare Management

The University of Scranton offers an MBA in healthcare management.

The program is fully online.

Depending on business experience, the program includes 36 to 48 credits.

Students who need foundational support and additional prerequisite need to take up to 12 credits per coursework before they start core and elective work.

However, developing a strong foundation before starting the curriculum builds confidence in those students who have limited experience or didn’t major in business.

The program includes such core classes as operations and finance and electives, such as financial management, healthcare law, informatics, administration, and more.

The program also comes with a required cornerstone course at the beginning of the program in justice, responsibility, and sustainability.

There is also a required capstone course in business policy.

To be admitted, students need to complete a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

They also need a minimum of three years of experience but GMAT isn’t required.

  • Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  • Program length: One year full-time, two years part-time.
  • Tuition: $34,740 total.
  • Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Johns Hopkins University – Online MBA in Healthcare Management

Johns Hopkins University offers a high-ranked online MBA in healthcare management.

It is available in a hybrid or on-campus format.

Students can take courses at one of the most prestigious medical research and practice schools through a dynamic and innovative format.

Admission dates take place in fall, spring, and summer.

Students can complete all coursework online, except for required on-site residencies for three courses.

The program includes 54 credits and is highly flexible.

It can be completed completely on students’ pace.

The credits include 30 in the business foundation and 24 elective and concentration.

Business foundation topics include business leadership and human values, negotiation, business law, and economics for decision-making.

Concentration coursework includes data analytics, health innovations, and evaluations, client consulting practicums.

Elective courses are offered in global strategy, power and politics, and corporate governance.

Admission requirements are quite competitive.

Applicants need a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3.0 GPA as well as GRE or GMAT scores and at least two years of experience.

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Program length: Anywhere from two to six years, depending on pace.
  • Tuition: $76,140 total.
  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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