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A master of healthcare administration (MHA) is a great option for those who wish to study the business side of healthcare.

This is a graduate degree that prepares students for management and leadership roles in various types of healthcare facilities.

Some workplaces and industries include nursing homes, healthcare consulting firms, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and public health agencies.

However, graduates can explore many more options.

Those who look for this degree may have several years of experience in direct patient care.

Others may have experience in a business setting and wish to change their careers to healthcare.

Some schools require experience in a healthcare setting, so students should carefully consider their career goals and program requirements before enrolling.

One especially attractive feature of the degree is that students can choose an area of specialization if they want.

Students take general foundation classes on such topics as healthcare marketing, clinical issues for health services management, health law, financing healthcare, information systems in health services administration, health economics, and quality improvement in healthcare.

Online MHA in Data Management

With patient health records being digital now, the demand for MHA graduates with skills in data management increases.

Understanding medical coding, records, healthcare statistics, and reimbursement tracking are essential for the best practices and central to the smooth operation of a healthcare facility.

Maryville University offers an MHA in data management online with specialized coursework in healthcare informatics and analytics.

Students can also complete 18 credits of core coursework in healthcare financial management, population health management, healthcare quality and performance improvement, and other foundational areas.

Online MHA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a common specialization in graduate business degrees.

However, many students don’t know that some schools offer entrepreneurship concentration as a part of their healthcare administration programs.

Healthcare facilities need staff specialized in entrepreneurship to help write grants, create standards for patient outcomes’ improvement, develop new prevention and screening programs, and more.

Walden University offers an MHA program with four specializations, one of which is social entrepreneurship and innovation.

In any of these tracks, students should complete 50 credits of core courses and 15, of specialty courses.

Students in entrepreneurship concentration take electives in improving healthcare performance through social entrepreneurship, grant writing, global social entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Online MHA in Health Systems Management

This specialty is designed for students who wish to become executives in healthcare or take on another leadership role in the future.

Track in health systems management provides students with a solid background in decision-making and strategic analytics and knowledge of healthcare operations and healthcare.

Some online programs, such as the one offered by George Mason University, focus on several key components.

They include knowledge of the healthcare system and healthcare management, communications and interpersonal effectiveness, ethics and professionalism, leadership, and management.

Students have to complete 47 credits that include a practicum in health systems management as well as a health policy leadership course for one week on campus in Washington, D.C.

Online MHA in Healthcare Strategies

Another sought-after specialization of online MHA programs is in healthcare strategies, which is the high-level study of the overall functioning of the institution and economic policies.

Graduates who have advanced knowledge of healthcare strategies can work to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare organizations.

An online MHA program in healthcare strategies is offered by Maryville University.

The coursework covers core MHA classes, healthcare marketing, health policy, and economics.

This program follows ten hey knowledge areas from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), including communication and relationship management, professionalism, leadership, and more.

Online MHA in Human Resources

Despite the industry that a business operates in, it needs human resources managers.

However, the needs of healthcare facilities are significantly different from others.

These managers recruit nurses and doctors, so they need in-depth knowledge of what is required from someone in these positions.

They also need foundational knowledge in operations and human resources.

A specialized degree for those who are interested in human resources management in healthcare is offered by Liberty University.

This online MHA program can be completed fully online.

It focuses on informatics, business, public health, and nursing.

In the HR elective courses, students study workforce planning and employment, compensation management, human resources development, and health policy and ethics.

The school has a few sample career options, such as nursing director, corporate health director, and practice administrator.

Online MHA in Informatics

With an MHA in informatics, students can build on their experience in technology or healthcare which prepares them for the career that involves the two.

They learn how to plan, create, maintain, and implement a variety of health information systems.

An online MS in health administration with a focus on informatics is offered by Saint Joseph’s University.

The program teaches students how to collect, interpret, and analyze data, which is used to improve patient outcomes as well as advance research in healthcare.

Online MHA in Health Policy and Administration

This specialty prepares candidates for organizational and management roles in healthcare.

Some areas of emphasis include ethical leadership, critical thinking, written and verbal communication.

The employers that hire graduates of such a program include hospitals, public health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, insurance companies, home healthcare facilities.

Pennsylvania State University provides an online MHA in health policy and administration.

In this program, students complete coursework online and two on-campus residencies.

Students complete common core courses and specialty courses, including strategy development, health economics, information systems in healthcare administration, project management.

Online MHA in Nursing Home Administration

Graduates of the MHA program in nursing home administration can take on roles of senior-level health services managers.

Some duties of these administrators include planning the finances for the entire facility, managing patient admissions, and staff, maintaining and improving care standards, advocating for patients.

Their main objective is to protect the health and dignity of the elderly residents of assisted-living facilities.

An MHA with a concentration in senior services is offered at Maryville University.

The program teaches students how to provide care for an aging population.

It includes courses in assisted living and gerontology as well as senior services management.

Courses cover an introduction to gerontology, senior services management, and assisted living.

Online MHA in Population Management

Understanding the spread and prevention of diseases are the central concepts of public health.

An online MHA in population management teaches candidates the fundamentals of the specialty, such as paying thought to assessing risks, creating a healthcare system tailored to the needs of specific populations, and other factors influencing healthcare outcomes.

An online MHA in population management is offered by Maryville University.

It includes courses in community health and managerial epidemiology, foundational topics of MHA such as risk management, healthcare law, and ethics.

Executive MHA Programs

Finally, an executive MHA is an advanced degree and usually requires students to have a few years of experience in healthcare before they can enroll.

For instance, an online executive MHA program is offered at the Price School at the University of Southern California, which accepts students with a minimum of five years of experience.

Students are taught management and leadership, quality of care, healthcare economics, health information technology, research methods, organizational behavior in healthcare, and current topics in healthcare management.

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