How Much Does Home Health Aide School Cost?

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Many people struggling with different situations may need an extra hand at home to be safe and help with tasks they can’t do on their own.

Home health aides or HHA are incredible professionals whose goal is to come into a home and give people that extra help they so much need.

Search Home Health Aide Programs

Get information on Home Health Aide programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Cost Average

  • HHA certification: $100 – $1,000+

What Is A Home Health Aide?

A home health aide is a supportive healthcare professional who provides patient care from the patient’s house or any other facility.

These professionals work right under the doctor’s orders, and they make sure patients are taking their medications and helping them keep their daily routines; they can help patients with meals, showers, and many more daily tasks.

HHA can provide home assistance to people suffering from illness, disability, cognitive impairments, or even old age.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics, for home health aides, the median annual wage was $29,43 per year and $14.15 per hour in May 2021.

What Are The Responsibilities/Duties Of A Home Health Aide?

According to, the major duties and responsibilities of a home health aide include:

  • Monitor client’s condition.
  • Provide housekeeping and laundry services.
  • Help with bathing, showering, and dressing.
  • Help family members care for clients.
  • Record information as well as notify nurses or doctors.
  • Make sure that the client is safe at all times.
  • Serve meals.
  • Shop or do other errands.

What Are The Costs Of HHA Programs?

The cost of a home health aide program can vary depending on the type of the program, the school, if it’s online or in-person, and the state where the school is located.

Typically, HHA certifications can cost from $100 to $1,000+; the less expensive programs are the online courses, and courses with clinical hours cost more.

Extra Expenses

  • To get a certification, the National Association for Home Healthcare and Hospice (NAHC) provides one after having 75 hours of training and passing an exam.
  • A CPR certification is often required in many states to work as an HHA. The Red Cross has a certified CPR course and typically costs less than $100.

What Are The Best Schools That Offer Home Health Aide Programs?

To become a certified home health aide, you need to complete a training program/course with at least 40 to 60 required hours of clinical work combined with 120 hours of classroom training.

The best home health aide certification programs in 2022 are:

Penn Foster$699 to $829Up to one yearExceedsOnline + externship
Ashworth College$699 to $899Up to one yearYesOnline
American Caregiver Association$179Self-pacedExceedsOnline
Southern Technical Institute$229Up to six monthsYesOnline + one day in person
CareerStep$2,999Up to one yearYesOnline
Cornerstone Healthcare Training$664Self-pacedYesOnline

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