How to Obtain a Home Health Aide Certificate

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As you are reading this you are probably wondering how you can obtain a Home Health Aide Certificate and we are here to help you.

Those individuals who love helping people and are eager to make a helpful and encouraging impact on a person’s life should consider becoming Home health aides.

Besides fulfilling your desires, you will be able to enter a stable job in the medical field which can easily lead you towards your future work as a nurse?

The perfect candidate for a Home Health Aide should be encouraged to continue his/her path towards this field as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that an increase in job openings of 38% is going to happen between 2014 and 2024.

So, you just need to reach a home health aide certificate and start your new career.

Search Home Health Aide Programs

Get information on Home Health Aide programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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What do Home Health Aides do?

Home Health Aides (HHAs) are trained and knowledgeable professionals who assist individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other limitations.

Their main duty is to monitor the patient’s health and the majority of them work with elderly patients.

Some of their major duties include assisting patients with medication, monitoring vital signs, changing any necessary bandages, and seeing to other minor medical needs.

In certain situations, they are also asked to assist the patients related to their personal needs such as bathing, meals, and bathroom visits.

Why do I need a Home Health Aide Certificate?

Even though there are some states that do not have strict requirements for becoming a Home Helth aide, still some of them have the exact training requirements.

You need to be familiar with different education requirements in various states, so as to be ready to meet them.

We consider it worth mentioning that you do not need a high school diploma or a GED to become a home health aide but you must have your home health aide certificate.

On the other hand, a home health aide who works for a company that accepts patients with Medicare or Medicaid must have finished formal training before they can be hired.

No matter if the company you are applying to work with is not asking for a certificate, our suggestion is to get your home health aide certificate as it can only be beneficial to you.

A home health aide certificate will make you stand out and you will be a candidate for potential promotion opportunities.

Having a certificate can help you get better and higher-paying jobs.

How Do I Get an HHA Certificate?

The easiest way of gaining an HHA certificate is after attending the one-semester course available in most accredited colleges and post-secondary educational institutions.

Enrollment in these programs is available to people who are able to complete a physical examination, blood tests, and a background check.

The course requires about 75 hours of classroom education with a live instructor, as well as clinical during which hands-on training with industry professionals is offered to students.

Accredited online options are also available, and you can enroll in a diploma program through Ashworth College.

Completing the education is not the end of your education, being that you must take the Direct Care Alliance Personal Care and Support Credential Exam in order to earn your certificate.

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