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Having in mind the fact that you can easily start a career as a Home Health Aide (HHA) without spending too much time, effort, and money on education makes it very attractive to young people.

Furthermore, the job outlook is bright and allows them to find jobs in the health care industry.

Even though the requirements to begin working as an HHA are minimal, there are some states which require more than just high school education to get a job as a home aide.

We would like to mention a few ways to start training to become an HHA, including on-the-job training.

An HHA is a person who works with people who require special care and who are unfortunately unable to care for themselves.

HHA salaries will vary by state, experience, and amount of work, but average salaries are about $24,000 per year.

Once you become an HHA, you will always have a chance to find more advanced positions when it comes to health care employment, and take advantage of other higher-paying opportunities, such as a Certified Nursing Assistant, a Certified  Medication Aide, and/or a Certified Medical Assistant.

Search Home Health Aide Programs

Get information on Home Health Aide programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Certified Nursing Assistant

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is well known as a nursing assistant, nurse aide, or patient care assistant.

This professional works with patients but only under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.

If you wish to become a certified nursing assistant, you must take and pass a state examination and which requirements you will need to meet may vary by the location where you take the exam and decide to work.

You can take advantage of free training provided by the American Red Cross, or gain experience in many facilities that have on-the-job training.

For those who prefer online learning, there is training to become a CNA available on the Internet.

Once you become certified, you can expect an average annual salary of $28,000.

Certified Medication Aide

Another level of education you can reach is to become a Certified Medication Aide (CMA).

This professional is an advanced nursing assistant who is allowed to administer medication to their patients but only under the supervision of a qualified nurse or doctor.

So as to become a Certified Medication Aide, interested people must a have diploma or GED certificate and experience as a CNA.

Plus, depending on the state, more training may be required for this position.

Applicants must pass the  Medication Aide Certification Examination (MACE) administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSB), and upon becoming a certified medication aide, they can expect an average salary of $26,000 a year in the US.

Certified Medical Assistant

A Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) profession is very similar to those of a CNA, but these people can be found working in a clinic or doctor’s office and are in charge of administrative duties, as well.

Whether you will need a certificate depends on the employer, but possessing it can definitely bring you numerous benefits.

If you choose to attend training, you can reach it through an accredited school and it will cost you less than $500.

The next step is to pass the necessary examination and become certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

A certified medical assistant in the US earns approximately $46,000 per year.

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