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St. Louis is in the heartland of the United States.

It is known for its tight-knit, friendly local communities and affordable cost of living.

With its frontier-town roots and Midwest modesty, it is known as the “Gateway to the West.”

St. Louis is a great place to live and work.

A lot of young professionals come to visit and stay.

Per Indeed the Medical Assisting industry pays an hourly rate of $18.78 in St. Louis.

You might want to check out some of the schools featured below that offer Medical Assisting programs in St. Louis.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Medical Assistants annual average salary in How to Become a Medical Assistant in Missouri is $36,132 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Midwest Institute

About the School

Midwest Institute has a track record of training highly respected medical students online and in classrooms for more than four decades.

The Institute offers five health care programs to educate and prepare students for their dream medical career.

Midwest Institute ensures its students are thriving in their chosen health care careers.

Courses Offered

Midwest Institute offers a program in Medical Assisting that will equip students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in any healthcare setting.

You will learn from instructors who are experts in their subject matter areas as registered nurses and medical personnel.

You will complete the program both in a campus and/or clinical setting and online via the internet.

Once you successfully complete the program, you are eligible to apply for approval to take a national Certified Medical Assistant examination (AAMA) to become a Certified Medical Assistant.

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AddressAddress: 4260 Shoreline Drive Earth City, MO 63045

East Central College

About the School

East Central College is a leader in higher education, inspiring academic excellence and driving community development.

The College is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct.

East Central College provides a quality education exemplified by a transformative and empowering student experience.

Courses Offered

East Central College is offering a program in Medical Assisting that is designed to train competent professionals to meet the needs of an ever-expanding allied health field.

Students of the program will be trained to become competent, entry-level medical assistants in knowledge, skills and behavior learning domains.

Your responsibilities include bookkeeping, coordinating appointments, patient interaction, coding papers, and electronic health files.

You will also take patient vital signs and help with injections, examinations, and lab test preparations under a doctor’s supervision.

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AddressAddress: 1964 Prairie Dell Road, Union, MO 63084

St. Louis School of Phlebotomy

About the School

St. Louis School of Phlebotomy sets the standard of care in the community by providing well-trained and highly skilled medical professionals.

The school is dedicated to empowering individuals with the skills, knowledge, practical training, and experience needed for a successful career in the growing and rewarding fields of allied healthcare.

St. Louis School of Phlebotomy provides short-term, low-cost, quality programs.

Courses Offered

St. Louis School of Phlebotomy offers a program in Clinical Medical Assisting that teaches the essential fundamentals for starting a career as a Medical Assistant.

You will gain valuable experience in both hands on teaching and understanding the premise of direct patient care.

Students will learn the techniques for performing accurate vitals, medical histories, phlebotomy, CLIA-waived testing, wound dressing, injections and front office standard procedures.

You need to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or its equivalent to qualify.

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AddressAddress: 6717 Vernon Ave. St. Louis, MO 63130

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