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Portland is a friendly and hospitable place to live in.

The quality of life is great and there are plenty of jobs available.

Also, there is access to a lot of amenities and natural areas.

Furthermore, the Medical Assisting industry pays an hourly rate of $22.77 in Portland per Indeed.

If you want to work as a Medical Assistant in Portland, take a look at the list of schools featured below that offer Medical Assisting programs.

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Medical Assistants annual average salary in How to Become a Medical Assistant in Oregon is $37,762 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Portland Community College

About the School

Portland Community College offers high-quality education and opportunities for our students, which in turn contributes to the vibrancy of Portland’s economic community.

The Community College serves over 50,000 full-time and part-time students.

Portland Community College educates a skilled workforce, prepares students to successfully transfer to four-year schools, and enriches the community through lifelong learning.

Courses Offered

Portland Community College offers a program in Medical Assisting that trains students to work directly with patients and providers such as doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

You will be working within large healthcare organizations or small private practice clinics or you can work within a primary care or specialty setting.

Students are taught by instructors in the program who have gone through the program themselves which allows for a different experience than students may find in other programs.

The in-depth curriculum focuses on person-centered care, how students are supported and engaged as well as the growth mindset instilled in the program.

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AddressAddress: 705 N. Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.

About the School

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.’s programs are designed to maximize and enhance the educational experience, to fully prepare the student for a successful and rewarding career in health care.

The College’s students are educated and trained to make meaningful, lasting impressions and contributions not only to their employers and patients, but to their communities.

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. prepares students for the most in-demand jobs in health care.

Courses Offered

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. offers a program in Medical Assisting that trains students to support both the physician in running their practice, as well as aid in caring for patients.

You will help prepare patients for their appointments, gather and send lab samples, and help run the medical office, handling referrals appointments, payment, record-keeping and ordering supplies.

The program will help prepare you for an entry-level career into the healthcare field in as few as 8 months.

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AddressAddress: 1425 NE Irving St. Portland, Oregon 97232

Clackamas Community College

About the School

Clackamas Community College provides quality education and training to people in its service district within Clackamas County.

The Community College empowers individuals and strengthens communities.

Clackamas Community College supports equitable, innovative, and responsive education.

Courses Offered

Clackamas Community College offers a program in Medical Assisting that trains its students to work in ambulatory care (clinics) and perform a wide range of administrative and clinical duties.

You will be prepared to work with medical providers, nurses, physician assistants, behavioral health specialists and other medical professionals to provide the best possible patient-centered care.

You are to complete an administrative and clinical practicum within an ambulatory care setting prior to completing the Program.

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AddressAddress: 19600 Molalla Avenue Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Carrington College

About the School

Carrington College provides quality college education at any of its locations in seven western states.

The College offers choices in bachelor’s degree, associate degree or certificate level education.

Carrington College provides access to helpful services like tutorial assistance and career services to help students make the most of their college experience.

Courses Offered

Carrington College is offering a program in Medical Assisting that students can complete in as little as 9 months for a certificate.

Students are trained to perform clerical functions, bookkeeping functions, and process insurance claims within the medical office setting.

You will also conduct a variety of diagnostic tests using equipment, materials, and techniques within the scope of practice.

Your duties will vary with the location, specialty, and size of the practice.

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AddressAddress: 2004 Lloyd Center, 3rd Floor Portland OR 97232

Central Oregon Community College

About the School

Central Oregon Community College promotes student success and community enrichment by providing quality, accessible, lifelong educational opportunities.

The Community College fosters student completion of academic goals and prepares students for employment.

Central Oregon Community College supports equitable achievement for the diverse students and communities it serves.

Courses Offered

Central Oregon Community College is offering a program in Medical Assisting that is set in a simulated clinical setting, with supportive instructors and a team-centered approach.

Your duties will include recording medical histories, taking and recording vital signs, giving vaccines, and drawing blood.

Students are trained to serve in administrative roles, from front-line patient support to maintaining electronic medical records.

The program offers a versatile, rewarding entrance into the world of health care.

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AddressAddress: 2600 N.W. College Way Bend, Oregon 97703

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