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To enter the world of phlebotomy, you must complete a training program comprising clinical and classroom work.

Clinical work is taking the knowledge learned in the classroom and applying it to real-world situations, while classroom work is theoretical.

Given the growing population of Florida’s West Coast, phlebotomists are needed now more than ever in the Tampa area.

When choosing the best phlebotomy program to meet your needs, it’s important to consider external reviews, location, certification, prerequisites, schedule duration, curriculum, and cost.

Keep reading to learn more about phlebotomy schools in the Tampa, Florida, area!

Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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For those looking to jump into the medical field as fast as possible, then Concorde’s Phlebotomy Diploma training program may be a good option.

Concorde’s program prepares graduates for entry-level roles in blood centers, laboratories, hospitals, and medical centers.

The program lasts eight weeks and blends practical with theoretical informational sessions.

Program graduates are prepared to sit for the national certification exam with the American Medical Certification Association exam fee included in tuition.

Courses/Programs Offered

Concorde’s Phlebotomy program curriculum comprises:

  • Blood collection
  • Equipment assembly
  • Healthcare concepts
  • Healthcare systems
  • Medical terminology
  • Patient communication
  • Safety protocols

Contact Information

For more information on this notable program, call 813-501-2584 or visit the website.

You can also visit the campus to speak with an academic advisor at 4202 West Spruce, Tampa, FL 33607.

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AddressAddress: 4202 West Spruce, Tampa, FL 33607

Erwin Technical College


As a segment of the Hillsborough County Public School system, Erwin Technical College has a two-month (165 hours) Phlebotomy training program that finds a balance between theoretical and practical learning.

The classes are only available in the evening from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM to accommodate busy working individuals.

The school offers two convenient locations: 2010 East Hillsborough Ave.

Tampa, FL 33610 and 4409 West Sligh Ave.

Tampa, FL 33614, to accommodate individuals living in different areas.

Courses/Programs Offered

Erwin’s Phlebotomy training program is meticulously structured to provide detailed knowledge about proper equipment usage and maintenance, blood collection techniques and skills, and safe and effective specimen collection.

The theoretical aspect of the program covers legal and medical issues, anatomy and physiology, safety procedures, and medical terminology.

In addition to covering phlebotomy topics, students also learn essential life-saving skills and are First Aid and CPR certified upon graduation.

Contact Information

In addition to visiting one of the two convenient locations in Tampa, those who want more information can call 813-769-5180 or visit the program website.

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AddressAddress: Tampa, FL 33610 and 4409 West Sligh Ave

Pinellas Technical College - Clearwater


Located in Clearwater, Florida, South of Tampa, Pinellas Technical College delivers a comprehensive experience for budding phlebotomists.

The program lasts around four months (165 total hours) and was developed to give students the skills for blood preparation and collection.

The program is a unique blend of 81 hours of online learning, 45 hours of clinical practice, and 30 hours of in-class lectures.

This approach provides the flexibility to finish coursework at the student’s learning pace while offering live instructor help during in-class sessions.

This format gives those managing other commitments tremendous flexibility.

The total program cost is $1,046 and includes all fees, tuition, and materials.

Courses/Programs Offered

Pinellas Phlebotomy program curriculum consists of practical theory through in-class and online lectures with courses like anatomy, medical terminology, and legal issues.

Students improve their experience with practical application through clinical experiences that take venipuncture techniques and safety protocols from the page of a book into the real world.

The coursework prepares students to take the national certification exam after program completion.

Contact Information

Students interested in this program can call 727-298-1616 for more information.

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AddressAddress: 6100 154th Ave N, Clearwater, FL 33760

Northwest Phlebotomy School


The Northwest Phlebotomy School was designed to get budding phlebotomists into their careers fast by offering two or three-day intensive lecture days with firsthand lab work.

Northwest’s program is highly rated within the industry, especially due to the four-hour IV certification workshop that guides students through materials and techniques.

The school also offers flexible class times that cater to different schedules so anyone can attend.

The mix of lab and classroom experiences ensures detailed training and hands-on support to ensure success after graduation.

Program tuition costs $675 and includes all materials, classes, and fees.

Courses/Programs Offered

The Phlebotomy training program offers a comprehensive curriculum including:

  • Anatomy
  • Equipment safety and maintenance
  • Patient communication
  • Phlebotomy technique
  • Physiology
  • Venipuncture techniques

Contact Information

To learn more about this program, call 360-522-3226 or visit the program website.

As an alternative, you can visit the campus at:

400 North Tampa Street (15th Floor) Tampa, FL 33602

Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 400 North Tampa Street (15th Floor) Tampa, FL 33602

Southern Technical Institute


The Southern Technical Institute offers a certificate program over a six-week period.

The coursework is intensive but prepares graduates for a highly rewarding career in the medical field and assists them with earning the National Phlebotomy Certification.

This program is ideal for those with no previous experience, so students are able to jump into the healthcare environment and receive hands-on training.

Students can earn additional related certifications in the Prevention of Medical Errors, HIPPA, Domestic violence, HIV/AIDS & Bloodborne Pathogens, and CPR while enrolled in the program.

Courses/Programs Offered

The coursework covers the following topics:

  • Infection control
  • Intricacies of venipuncture
  • Legal considerations
  • Medical terminology
  • Quality assurance
  • Safety protocols
  • Specimen processing

Contact Information

For more information on this comprehensive program, call 727-548-7737 or navigate to the Southern Technical Institute Phlebotomy Program website.

Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 8200 66th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

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