6 Reasons To Become a Surgical Technologist

No matter whether you have just finished your secondary education and want to keep on with your further advancement or you decided that you are ready for something better, as you are not satisfied with your current job, we believe that becoming a surgical technologist is really a wise idea.

Getting this kind of education will launch your career and allow you to make a difference.

Becoming a surgical technologist sounds like it might be the perfect fit and we will provide you with six reasons why it is worth your consideration.

Surgical technologists are also known as a surgical tech, operating room technician, scrub tech, or surgical assistant and they all play an integral role in the operating room team.

If you are wondering whether becoming a surgical tech is worth your time and energy, we suggest that you keep reading to learn some facts that may help you remove your doubts.

What Does a Surgical Tech Do?

Having a good understanding of what a surgical technologist position involves should be the first step that you as a prospective surgical technician should take.

If we take a closer look at the details, it is well known that surgical tech’s responsibilities cover a wide range of duties, including tasks before surgery, during, and after the surgery.

Before surgery, the responsibility of the surgical tech is to prepare both the patient and the operating room, by sterilizing the equipment and ensuring there are adequate supplies.

During the surgery, the surgical tech is responsible for assisting the surgeon by handing them instruments, holding organs in place, or using retractors during the procedure.

After surgery, the surgical tech will help dress the wound and transfer the patient into a recovery room.

Surgical techs usually work in hospitals, while other possible work environments include outpatient centers or the offices of physicians who perform outpatient surgery.

We are sure that you now have a better understanding of the typical roles and responsibilities of surgical techs, and you are ready to learn why this career is good for you.

6 Benefits of Becoming a Surgical Tech

Each prospective healthcare professional has tons of unanswered questions in his/her head.

  • How long will my education last before I become a surgical tech?
  • What does the future look like for this field?
  • How much will I earn as a surgical tech?

So as to help you find the answers to your questions, we have gathered six convincing reasons to consider a career as a surgical technologist.

1. You can enter the field quickly – The first reason why so many young people decide to enter this healthcare career is that it does not require several years of schooling before being qualified to start working.

Surgical techs are hired by the majority of employers if they possess only a postsecondary certificate or associate’s degree to work in this position.

How long you will attend a surgical tech program will depend on many factors as many of them vary in length.

However, the majority of students graduate within two years.

The Rasmussen College Surgical Technology program, for example, can be completed in 21 months, meaning that you can attend your first surgery in less than two years.

2. Job opportunities are on the rise – Employment opportunities should not worry you if pursuing a career as a surgical tech is your desire.

According to the BLS’s projections, employment in this field is expected to grow at a very fast rate of 9 percent through 2028.

The main reason behind this great growth is the constant advancements in surgical techniques which have improved the safety of procedures and they are performed more frequently.

Also, the growth is due to the aging baby boomer generation, meaning that they require more attention from healthcare professionals in the coming years.

3. You will have above-average earning potential – Considering the fact that you will spend less time in school, it results in less money spent on courses, which is by itself, an obvious advantage for aspiring surgical techs.

However, your financial benefits will not end there, as you will be earning a quite satisfying salary as well.

The median annual surgical tech salary is $47,300, which is above the average for all occupations.

4. Employment opportunities exist in all geographic areas – Not only will you have excellent employment opportunities, but also they will be available for you in numerous facilities in all geographical areas.

The majority of surgical techs are employed in hospitals and they located in every area across the country.

In each and every hospital, there are surgeons who perform procedures with the help of surgical techs, so you can expect employment opportunities country-wide.

This results in the fact that you will not have to relocate to a specific region so as to find a job.

Yet, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to work in a big city or a rural area.

5. You will not get bored – People who do not like sitting at a desk and performing the same tasks day after day should think about becoming surgical techs, as this is a position which will keep you on the move all day long and each day will be different.

No two days are the same for a surgical tech, especially if you specialize in assisting for a specific type of surgery.

You will encounter that each patient and procedure will vary from the next and that not all surgeries will always go by the book.

6. You will make a difference every day – Last, but not the least, knowing that you help saving somebody’s life is so rewarding that earning a decent paycheck becomes less important to you.

You will make a difference each day and, by understanding this, a surgical tech career will come with a high level of satisfaction and greater meaning to you.

It is so fulfilling to know that you are helping improve patients’ lives during each and every shift.

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