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Bakersfield, California has a lot to offer its residents and tourists.

Not only is it known for its oil and agriculture but also for its art and cultural scene and the richness of its past.

The thriving economy pays its Medical Billers and Coders an hourly rate of $18.89 to $28.26.

Take a look at some of the schools that offer programs in Medical Billing & Coding.

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Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Medical Biller and Coders annual average salary in California Medical Billing & Coding Schools and Salary Guide is $45,800 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

High Desert Medical College

About the School

High Desert Medical College is a nationally accredited college and a Legacy Education Institution.

Its staff is highly educated, and experienced and offers a winning approach to providing career training for students to prepare them for the best and hottest career fields.

The College provides in-depth programs that give you real-world experience in a supportive environment.

Courses Offered

At High Desert Medical College, their Medical Billing and Coding program is designed to prepare students to enter the fast-growing administrative healthcare sector of the industry.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists are administrative healthcare professionals, performing critical tasks in support of doctors and medical practices.

The 35-week program provides students with intensive training to learn the skills to perform important administrative tasks in medical billing and coding.

Students in the Medical Billing and Coding program learn from professional instructors and receive real-world on-the-job experience through an externship.

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AddressAddress: 2000 24th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Kern Valley Medical College

About the School

Kern Valley Medical College is a premier provider of healthcare education and training.

Students and learners gain knowledge and skills from dedicated faculty and staff with real-world professional experience.

Its educational services are designed to inspire and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your academic pursuits.

Courses Offered

The Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program objectives are to provide the student with a comprehensive working knowledge of all phases of medical insurance, consisting of billing, pre-authorization follow-up techniques, and posting insurance payments.

The student will graduate with hands-on experience on the computer and experience in an internship.

The student will be prepared to accept entry-level positions in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and medically related insurance companies.

The program is divided into eight class course modules, including a 160-hour clinical externship where students will apply the skills they learn in the classroom in an actual healthcare practice setting.

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AddressAddress: 1401 Commercial Way, Suite 220 Bakersfield, CA 93309

San Joaquin Valley College

About the School

San Joaquin Valley College prepares graduates for professional success by offering Baccalaureate and Associate of Science Degrees and Certificates of Completion in business, medical, and technical career fields.

The College is committed to student development through the achievement of measurable learning outcomes, emphasizing a balance of hands-on training and academic instruction.

Courses Offered

Students in SJVC’s online Medical Billing and Coding program learn to work in the administrative side of healthcare.

Earn a Certificate in as few as 7 months or an Associate’s degree in as few as 15 months.

Upon completion of our Medical Billing and Coding program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in reviewing and assigning medical codes across a wide range of medical services
  • Facilitate timely reimbursement by preparing and submitting claims with accurately assigned codes
  • Use EHR/EMR systems to research, code, and abstract patient information and other coded data

Students demonstrate the social skills, professional appearance, attitudes, and behavior that employers expect of all SJVC graduates.

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AddressAddress: 201 New Stine Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93309

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