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Because of its long, warm summers and mild winters, Charleston is very popular among residents and tourists.

Charleston is also popular because of its hospitality, rich culture, flavorful cuisine, and slow living.

Another thing that is great about the place is that the Medical Billing & Coding industry pays an hourly rate of $18.89 to $24.30.

You can check out some of the schools below that offer Medical Billing & Coding programs in Charleston.

Search Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Medical Biller and Coders annual average salary in South Carolina Medical Billing & Coding Schools and Salary Guide is $38,500 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Palmetto School of Career Development

About the School

Palmetto School of Career Development was founded in 2010 by three partners with the goal of providing education and hands-on experience to specialists in the dental office environment.

Its mission is to provide the highest level of education and support using the most cutting edge educational environments, instructors, and courses for students looking to further their career goals.

Courses Offered

Palmetto School of Career Development’s Medical Billing and Coding course provides students with training in the most widely used coding systems, including CPT, ICD-10-CM, and Level II (HCPCS), as well as the knowledge they’ll need to translate those codes into bills that can be sent to insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Students also review relevant industry topics like Medicare fraud, HMOs, and QIOs.

The goal of this training is to prepare students to immediately begin a career in the rapidly growing area of medical health professions as Billers and Coders through a robust, fast-paced course.

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AddressAddress: 5841 Rivers Ave, Suite 112 Charleston, SC 29406

Trident Technical College

About the School

Whether you choose to enroll in Trident Technical College’s university transfer program or one of its technical degree programs, you can be assured of TTC’s commitment to provide innovative educational programs and services.

The college offers more than 150 programs of study, including transfer programs for those continuing at four-year colleges and beyond.

Courses Offered

The Coding Specialist program starts twice per year, spring (January) and fall (August) terms and consists of five online coding courses, if you have first completed the three prerequisite courses.

Students entering the online Coding Specialist program must first have taken prerequisite courses within the last 12 months in order to enter the Coding Specialist program.

As a medical coder, you analyze patient electronic health records, and physician notes, and assign the proper codes to any medical procedure and diagnosis.

You are responsible for translating medical procedures into a coded form for reimbursement payment from insurance companies.

TTC’s curriculum teaches toward two national certifications: AAPC credential CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and AHIMA credential CCA or CCS (Certified Coding Associate or Certified Coding Specialist).

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AddressAddress: 7000 Rivers Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406

University of South Carolina Sumter

About the School

University of South Carolina Sumter is located in the heart of the state, about 45 miles east of the capital of Columbia, South Carolina.

USC Sumter confers two-year associate’s degrees, offers face-to-face baccalaureate degree programs in business, nursing, and education in partnership with USC Aiken, and offers nineteen online bachelor’s degrees as part of Palmetto College.

Courses Offered

Medical billing and coding is a rising star in the healthcare field today.

The 100% online course will prepare you to start a career in this high-demand occupation and earn the medical billing and coding professional certification that best aligns with your interest and career goals.

You’ll learn how to use the Healthcare Common procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and the CPT Category II and ICD-10 codes.

Additionally, you’ll gain hands-on practice using medical billing and coding software.

Upon course completion, you’ll receive a voucher for the certification exam of your choice: CPC, CCA or CBCS.

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AddressAddress: 200 Miller Rd, Sumter, SC 29150

Miller-Motte College

About the School

For more than a century, Miller-Motte College has committed itself to educating students in healthcare, protective services, technology, business and skills-based careers.

It offers evening and online classes to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get the education they are passionate about.

The College hires industry professionals who have held jobs in the areas you are looking to work in giving you the advantage of knowing how to best apply your education to the workplace.

Courses Offered

Miller-Motte College’s Medical Billing & Coding program helps prepare you to pursue a career within healthcare and insurance management.

The program allows you to pursue a diploma or certificate in Medical Billing & Coding in a flexible and affordable environment.

Enrollment is on a rolling basis with classes beginning every 5 weeks, and you can be finished with your Certificate/Diploma in Medical Billing & Coding in as little as 15 months.

Along with classroom education, in-person students at Miller-Motte will get the opportunity to participate in an externship where they will get hands-on training in a workplace environment to strengthen their skills.

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AddressAddress: 8085 Rivers Avenue, Charleston, SC 29406

Midlands Technical College

About the School

Midlands Technical College is a comprehensive, multi-campus, two-year public college serving the primary region of Richland, Lexington and Fairfield counties of South Carolina.

College programs and services provide accessible, affordable, quality education that prepares a diverse student population to succeed in the job market, to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Courses Offered

As a medical billing and coding specialist, you will be a liaison between your employer and the insurance companies of your patients.

This type of work is great for detail-oriented people who are very organized.

Your work may include:

  • Correctly coding medical services, procedures, diagnoses, and treatment
  • Updating rejected claims
  • Preparing and sending invoices
  • Tracking payments
  • Calling patients and insurance companies about outstanding bills

The program will prepare students to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist – Physician-based (CCS-P) exam offered through AHIMA.

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AddressAddress: 1260 Lexington Drive, West Columbia, SC 29170

Southeastern College

About the School

The mission of Southeastern College is to provide quality career education and skill development to aspiring individuals pursuing a career or advancement in their chosen field.

At Southeastern College, the focus is on providing its students with the specialized career skills and knowledge needed for today’s marketplace.

Courses Offered

The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program is designed to train the student for an entry level position as a medical billing specialist, medical coding specialist, and for a variety of positions in the health information field and to function effectively as an integral member of the physician’s health care team.

Graduates of the program will possess the skills to successfully perform medical office procedures, medical keyboarding, health care records management, process medical insurance, follow healthcare laws and ethics, and basic coding procedures.

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AddressAddress: 2431 Aviation Avenue Suite 703 North Charleston, SC 29406

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